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North East Finishing School aims at overhauling the skill eco-system of the Asian region, by fixing the 3Es of Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

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What Do We Provide

We at North East Finishing School believe in the overall development of the group, individual by making best use of resources and technology in the most distinctive and elucidative manner. A technological and tendentious approach is considered in successfully complying with target group.

Digital Training

Conducting trainings with students is always a fun. It’s a challenge to ensure that within classroom settings students enjoy, learn, exhibit & experience a complete transformation. An eclectic approach using latest technology, innovative hands on experience, exuberant trainers, audio & visual aids makes it a lifetime experience.


Nothing can match the experience that one attains after hands on practice. This performance is best facilitated during workshops which consist of small number of participants. During workshops, with the help of various activities, mind games, creativity exercises, discussions & many more fun filled activities the learning is transferred in the easiest fashion.


Ranging from student community to top notch of the corporate world, seminars prove an asset for all. Upgrading skills, to familiarizing with latest technology or getting an opportunity to interact with the experts, seminar is a single answer. Attending a seminar is also the best way to keep yourself updated with latest in anything to everything.

Corporate Training

Trainings are the latest buzz in Corporate World. It’s a wonderful experience at corporate workshops with professionals at all levels. Beginning from bottom of the pyramid with major workforce to the top with top decision makers, it’s all that we cater to with customized training modules.

General Methodology

North East is one of its kind in providing services pertaining to skills development. We follow a complete comprehensive approach so as to cater to different individual.

Need & Analysis

Every individual goes through a series of analytical and psychometric tests that complement with their need and requirement. Various psychometric and analytical tests are designed keeping in mind certain parameters so as to seek a holistic view about the personality and essentials of an individual. This is followed by a session with certified counsellor; altogether after which final assessment is made about the individual and his essentials.


The analysis approach is followed by formulating a constructive essential Skill based program designed for the individual. A program is specifically designed that would cater to the need and requirement of skills development in an individual. Programs tend to vary from one individual to another. Various modules are picked and formatted together for every individual.


Our Skill program is designed with customized and individual approach, which is implemented by our highly trained and professional faculty. The process is activity based with practical and logical approach for developing required skills to transforms the personality of the individual. Before deciding the module to be worked upon the individuals, they are put thorough psychometric tests for assessment of their requirement of essential skill traits.


At every level individuals are monitored so as to assess the progress of an individual. Monitoring process involves various tests, activities and sessions that are being organized to assess the acquisition of each module.


Evaluation process involves formulating a comprehensive report of every individual based on the performance and acquisition of the program. A program report is prepared by the facilitator and the counselor at the end of the program. Though each program leaves a remarkable change on the personality of every individual that is self assessed.

Why Choose Us?

We provide programs that stimulate, energize & empower all , who have the zeal & passion to touch the zenith called Success .Our team of professionals has made a mark in the industry, with their undying passion for training in respective areas.

Top 10 Reason you can't resist us:

  • Growth Oriented Vision
  • Innovation at every step
  • Superior SOPs
  • Quality conscious
  • Need based Customized Training Programs
  • Practical & Hi-tech Training Methodology
  • Young & Dynamic Administrative Team
  • Research Hub for Skills
  • Outstanding & Passionate Training Team
  • 360 degree Transformation

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